Meslec provides a full range of in-situ and ex-situ bespoke treatment solutions covering chemical, biological, physical and thermal technologies.


The common treatment methods deployed on the majority of sites however consist of:

  • Dig and Dump 
  • Cap and Cover often including an element of cut and fill
  • Stabilisation and Solidification
  • Biopiling/Windrowing
  • Material Processing ranging from reduction and concentration techniques to asbestos picking either through spreading or picking station.

Whilst every site is unique, the approach to delivery remains consistent:

  1. Develop the conceptual model of the site.
  2. Assess the future plans for the site and perform an options appraisal
  3. Design a cost effective solution to tackle the source and contaminants of concern or the pathway to receptors.
  4. Deliver the works safely and in time with the programme.
  5. Collect the lines of evidence necessary for verification reporting and submit regulatory documents.
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