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About Us

Meslec is a family owned civil engineering, groundworks and remediation company specialising in the commercial and residential sectors. We provide an integrated inhouse approach to projects where contamination is likely. This approach provides clients with a single contractor able to foresee the risks and realise the opportunities presented by such projects at each phase of delivery whilst minimising programme delays and costs associated with demobilisation of one contractor followed by mobilisation of another.


It is also important to recognise that whilst a site may be "remediated", this does not mean it is free of impacted material which if subsequently encountered by follow on civil engineering or groundworks contractors could pose risks to both personnel onsite and have financial implications in terms of treatment or disposal if the contractor has not recognised this and not allowed for it or excluded it from their tender. 


Our team of highly qualified, skilled and dedicated staff work closely with our clients from early stage engagement through construction to verification by regulators. This approach is based upon three key early stages:

  1. We undertake site investigations which focus not just on the lines of evidence necessary for site characterisation but also on the requisite information to develop holistic remediation, earthwork support and foundation design enabling accurate costings for subsequent delivery.
  2. Make recommendations for final build designs whilst providing accurate estimates for works which can be performed by ourselves.
  3. Develop and agree with local authorities remediation strategies that will effectively deal with the source-pathway-receptor profile of the site taking into consideration the effects of any build designs.

This approach provides clients with the assurance they require when tackling what some see as the risky business of "Contaminated Land", but are yet nothing more than our core business activities.


Of utmost importance on all our sites is the management of Health & Safety, alongside Environmental and Quality assurance to both provide and maintain the confidence of our workforce, the communities in which we work and the local and regulatory authorities who monitor our activities.

Our Team

Pat McHugh (Snr)

Managing Director

With over 40 years of experience and a hands on approach to overseeing delivery, Pat has an extensive track record in large and complex civil engineering and groundworks projects throughout the South East, including works on the Olympic Park, Docklands Light Railways, Hackney and Camden Term Maintance Contracts and as such leads our civil engineering and groundworks activities.

Michael McHugh

Technical Director

With more than 15 years of experience Michael is a chartered contaminated land and geotechnical professional with operational experience in delivering complex remediation  alongside traditional civil engineering and groundworks. As such Michael directly manages our remediation activities.

Sharon Reid

Finance Director

Sharon deals with all financial activities, ensuring all practices are in line with statutory regulations and legislation.

She promotes revenue growth, as well as maintaining good relationships with clients and suppliers.

Patrick McHugh (Jnr)

Site Manager

Completing the family ethos of the company, Patrick leads the onsite groundwork gangs in the delivery of both contaminated and civil engineering / groundworks projects through his work ethic and committment to doing the work right, first time.

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