Quality control is a corrnerstone of our business as is our reputation for doing the work right, first time. The company operates an Integrated Management System across the business covering the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Assurance. 


We undertake to:

  • Seek to fully understand the needs and expectations of our customers, and provide a detailed bid for all projects;
  • Display leadership and a clear vision of our values, strategy and performance objectives to our customers, employees and supply chain;
  • Provide our employees with the appropriate training and support needed to develop their skills, knowledge and experience. We will give individual responsibilities and accountability to employees for delivery performance, and will actively encourage each employee to realise their full potential,
  • Ensure our resources and management methods include the appropriate identification and assessment of risks. Our decision making will be based on factual analysis of accurate data, balanced with the needs of stakeholders, in line with industry codes of practice and legislation.
  • Ensure our management approach is undertaken in a structured and planned way to achieve the performance objectives in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Seek continual improvement in our QMS through our processes and against quantifiable key performance indicators.
  • Maintain strong relationships with customers, supply chain partners and stakeholders to improve the sustainability indicators.
  • Review the policy and procedures will be at least annually and revise as often as may be deemed appropriate.


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