Environmental Protection is a priority for all of the Meslec team and we recognise our role as a civil engineering company specialising in the environmental sector. The company operates an Integrated Management System across the business covering the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Assurance. 


We undertake to:

  • Comply with all current legislation, approved codes of practice and regulatory guidance and other requirements to which we subscribe;
  • Ensure a systematic approach to environmental management that includes:
    • Establishing the sites conceptual model,
    • Establishing the environmental aspects associated with the work,
    • Implement the hierarchy of control as applicable to the aspect,
    • Establishing site specific control limits for monitoring purposes
    • Establish emergency measures for deployment in the event of failure of plant, protection measures and control systems
  • Provide relevant information, supervision and training necessary for employees;
  • Engage with all its workforce and stakeholders to allow effective communication and feedback in regards to its activities;
  • Set objectives and targets to continually improve and achieve the highest standards of Environmental performance;
  • Monitor, audit and review the effectiveness of the Environmental policy and procedures at least annually.


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